Do You Need It? – Cargo Cover

Cargo covers – what are they and why would you need one? Well, they come in a variety of styles and go by a few different names. Some call them cargo shades or security shades others call them tonneau covers. We will just call them cargo covers and they provide a cover for the cargo area.


Some are retractable like a roll-up window shade only they pull from front to back. Other cargo covers are removable solid panels, some with cables to the lift gate so they rise when the lift gate is opened. Genuine Nissan cargo covers come in these varieties depending on model of vehicle.

nissan_LEAF Cargo Cover

The main functions of the covers is to provide added security by keeping your belongings safe from prying eyes and to act as a shade cover to block out harmful UV rays of the sun. Some might use this to hide valuables, other to hide a mess they hadn’t gotten around to cleaning up.

Genuine Nissan cargo covers are not a universal fit like many of the aftermarket suppliers. They are made for a specific year and model and may also be available in several colors. They mount and operate easily with no tools necessary. Some mount to the headrests of the rear seat others to brackets behind the rear seat.

nissan_Rogue Cargo Cover (Custom)

The cargo cover can be removed or left rolled up to provide easy access or closed up to seal in or conceal anything you may not want anyone to easily view. There are some that say they would never park anywhere without one.

Do you really need a cargo cover? Well, if you are a very tidy person or never have anything of value to put in the cargo area then maybe not. But, if you ever have anything in your cargo area that you would like to remain your secret then you may need an easy way to conceal it from view with a genuine Nissan cargo cover. No secret to the best place to get a great deal on a cargo cover or any other genuine Nissan accessories and parts – the online catalog at


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