Do You Need It? – Cargo Cover

Cargo covers – what are they and why would you need one? Well, they come in a variety of styles and go by a few different names. Some call them cargo shades or security shades others call them tonneau covers. We will just call them cargo covers and they provide a cover for the cargo area.


Some are retractable like a roll-up window shade only they pull from front to back. Other cargo covers are removable solid panels, some with cables to the lift gate so they rise when the lift gate is opened. Genuine Nissan cargo covers come in these varieties depending on model of vehicle.

nissan_LEAF Cargo Cover

The main functions of the covers is to provide added security by keeping your belongings safe from prying eyes and to act as a shade cover to block out harmful UV rays of the sun. Some might use this to hide valuables, other to hide a mess they hadn’t gotten around to cleaning up.

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Do You Need It? – Universal Tablet Holder

How handy would it be for passengers in the back seat to have a safe convenient holder for their multimedia devices? That is going to determine if you really need this item. If your goal is to help keep passengers in the rear seats entertained then this may help.


There are many styles of holders on the market. Some require extensive effort to mount, some have arms that crowd the cabin space, and other “sort of” attach with weak clips and brackets. What you want to look for is a secure holder that attaches easily and is safely positioned.

The Toyota universal tablet holder attaches and removes in seconds with no tools required. Initial installation is achieved by lifting the front seat headrest off and placing the holder base on top of the seat back. Then reinstall the headrest sliding the pins through the holes in the holder base. The holder has an arm that is inserted into the base to secure it. The base remains attached to the seat and the holder can be removed with the push of a button.

toyota holder basetoyota holder

The Toyota universal tablet holder is adjustable to hold virtually all multimedia devices. It can securely hold a tablet, phone, and music or video player. It safely holds devices out of the way, but has an adjustable pivot and tilt to allow the best viewing angle. When not holding a device the base has two extendable arms with hooks to hold bags.

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Do You Need It? – Rear Bumper Protector

Want to keep the top surface of the painted rear bumper free from damage and preserve the vehicle’s “like new” appearance? Then you may need a genuine Toyota rear bumper protector.

Loading and unloading groceries, luggage or any type of cargo can wreak havoc on a painted rear bumper, often leaving it scratched or scraped. Protecting your vehicle can be easily achieved using a genuine Toyota rear bumper protector. They are available in several materials depending on your model of vehicle.

The injection-molded black plastic version features a raised pattern and skid-resistant surface that offers protection to the bumper surface while also adding some custom good looks.


The clear polyurethane version also helps minimize damage while providing a nearly invisible, seamless look. Some of the clear versions have logos, protection with a bit of added class.

Rear Bumper Appliqu

These are even some versions that use stainless steel in the materials to offer the additional protection.


The protectors are uniquely designed to properly fit the intricate, curved surfaces of each specific Toyota vehicle’s rear bumper.

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Do You Need It? – Cabin Air Filter

For many people it is more a question of “what is it?” or “do I really have one?” then “do I really need to need to replace it?” For the last decade many of the vehicles on the road have a cabin air filter. It is there to help clean the incoming air into the cabin area. It is usually a pleated filter much like the engine air filter, but its job is to keep dust, pollen, and other fine particles out of the air we breathe inside the vehicle.


Since there is such a large amount of debris in the air these days it is important to check and replace this filter on a regular basis. Even more critical if there are individuals with allergies, asthma, or other health issues involved. Mitsubishi recommends replacing the filter every 15,000 miles or 12 months in normal conditions. It depends on the conditions in your area. Dusty or smoggy areas move the recommendation to inspecting your filter to every 3,750 miles or 3 months. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s schedule.

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Do You Need It? – Roof Rack Base Carrier

Who needs a roof rack? Well, almost everyone has had a time where they just wished there was a little more room inside their vehicle. Whether it was heading to the beach, the ski slope, base camp, or grandma’s house, using a roof rack can be a welcome addition to free up some space for additional leg room or transporting oversize loads.



A genuine Mitsubishi roof rack base carrier gives you the ability to attach various carriers to your roof. A roof box or ski or bike carrier can free up interior space, but they require a roof rack to attach to. Some vehicles come from the factory with a full roof rack.

Some have raised side rails that go from front to back.



Some have flush side rails that go from front to back.


These just need cross bars that attach to them and go from side to side to complete the rack.

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Do You Need It? – Front Skid Plate

If you wondering whether you need something to protect against costly damage to your vehicle’s engine and transmission, a front skid plate might just be the ticket. Whether you are planning on off-roading or just want to be prepared for surprises in the roadway. They are designed to help protect the underbody of your vehicle from damage from flying stones, branches, ice chunks or other types of road debris.


Genuine Toyota front skid plates are constructed from a single piece of heavy duty stamped and formed silver powder coated aluminum. This material provides a uniform, durable, and high-quality finish. Rigorous CAD simulations conducted by Toyota engineers, in addition to real world testing, help to maximize protection and prevent vibration stress and noise issues. Each plate is made specifically for the year and model vehicle, so it won`t interfere with or block the cooling system, while providing cut outs for easy access to all maintenance points and vehicle tow hooks.

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Do You Need It? – Moonroof Wind Deflector

A moonroof allows you to enjoy the sunshine and open air experience. A negative to this experience is the wind turbulence, noise, and direct overhead sunlight caused by this unprotected opening.  Is there anything that might help this situation? Oh, never fear, a moonroof wind deflector is just the ticket for coping with these annoyances.


While a moonroof provides the pleasant open air feeling, it can also turn the passenger compartment into a wind tunnel complete with rushing air filled with questionable debris and a freight train level of noise that can make calm thought or conversation impossible. A moonroof wind deflector can direct much of this torrent of rushing air over the moonroof opening preventing the hair tangling and making quiet conversation possible.

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Do you Need It? – Truck Bed Step

Do you really need an additional step to get access to your truck bed? No doubt it would be nice to have an easy way to reach into your truck bed, but a step stool or log round might get the job done. Well if you are looking for a simple, hands-free way to add a step up to your bed, Toyota’s BedStep might be the answer.


The BedStep stows neatly under the rear bumper. When not in use it is mostly out of sight and out of the way. A spring-loaded cam allows it to flip out ready for use with the nudge of the foot. Another nudge can flip it back under the bumper when done using it. It’s unique side-angle movement provides access to the step whether the tailgate is up or down.




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Do You Need It? – Door Edge Guards

Door edge guards, you know the guards that protect the vertical edge of your doors against dings and paint chips, do you really need them? This area of your vehicle’s doors is the most susceptible to damage in parking garages, at the mall or any tight parking place. To protect your resale value and to add to your vehicle’s sleek, streamlined styling door edge guards may be the way to go.

You can get aftermarket guards usually in silver or black. They come in a roll and are stick-on plastic you cut to fit. Or, you can take it to a whole different level with genuine Toyota door edge guards. Constructed from roll-formed 400 series stainless steel, which is stronger than typical steel, they are encapsulated in a body color-matched Thermoplastic Compound (TPC). The genuine guards are formed specifically to match the precise contours of each specific Toyota vehicle to offer a factory fit and finish.


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Do You Need It? – Fog Light Kit

Do you really need fog lights? Well, fog lights are only needed or effective in uncommon driving conditions. They are designed to cut down on the glare that is reflected back at you in bad weather. When there are suspended particles in the air from fog, snow, or dust normal headlights and high beams can cause blinding glare resulting in very poor visibility.


Fog lights are typically located in or below the front bumper of your vehicle. They are angled down to illuminate the ground directly in front of your vehicle. The goal is to provide illumination that will not reflect back into your eyes. What actually achieves this is the pattern of light that the fog light lenses produces.


Your normal headlights and especially your high beams create a blanket of light over a large area at a high enough angle to see far down the roadway. Fog lights create a distinct bar of light that illuminates down and to the sides. Good fog lights will have a sharp cutoff line on top that allows little light to show over it, preventing reflective glare from any particles above that.

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