Who Knew? – Big Things From A Small Package – Twin-Turbo

Who Knew? – Cadillac introduces first ever twin-turbo V-8 engine. Applying loads of technology they have developed a small displacement 4.2L V-8 that produces a whopping 550 horsepower. Exclusive to Cadillac the all-new engine design is code designated LTA and will be the power plant for the new CT6. It is the first Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) eight-cylinder engine from Cadillac and GM since the discontinued Northstar V8 in 2010.


The DOHC design should offer smoother operation over the “old school” push-rod engines and a new “Hot V” layout places the turbochargers in the valley at the top of the engine to eliminate turbo lag and reduce the engine’s overall size. The twin-scroll design of the turbochargers, each with electronically controlled wastegates precisely balance output allowing 90 percent of the engine’s 627 lb-ft of peak torque to be available at only 2000 rpm and carried through 5200 rpm.

To enhance engine performance twin intercoolers are used to cool the air temperature going into the engine by more than 130 degrees. Cooler air is denser allowing it to hold more oxygen allowing optimal combustion resulting in more power.

Some of the other specialized technology being used include:

  • Direct injection eliminating spark knock while allowing a higher compression ratio
  • Variable pressure oiling system with oil jets to drench the underside of the pistons and cylinder wall to reduce piston temperature.
  • Dual camshaft driven high pressure fuel pumps that supply 5,075 psi to specialized injectors.
  • Active Fuel Management that deactivates half of the engine’s cylinders under light load.
  • Stop/start technology that shuts down the engine when the vehicle stops momentarily, such as at stoplights. The engine automatically restarts when the driver takes their foot off the brake.


Take this technology and an all new engine design hand-built at the Performance Build Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky, tie it to a new 10-speed automatic transmission and you have a motorsport inspired first ever power plant for the new Cadillac CT6.


Who Knew? Big performance from a small displacement V8. Cadillac is displaying its racetrack engineering prowess in this new engine design with first ever twin-turbos. Cadillac has performance technology and we have genuine Cadillac performance parts. CadillacPartsPeople.com offers an online catalog with all available genuine Cadillac accessories from an authorized Cadillac dealer shipped directly to you at incredibly low prices – Who Knew?

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