Do you Need It? – Truck Bed Step

Do you really need an additional step to get access to your truck bed? No doubt it would be nice to have an easy way to reach into your truck bed, but a step stool or log round might get the job done. Well if you are looking for a simple, hands-free way to add a step up to your bed, Toyota’s BedStep might be the answer.


The BedStep stows neatly under the rear bumper. When not in use it is mostly out of sight and out of the way. A spring-loaded cam allows it to flip out ready for use with the nudge of the foot. Another nudge can flip it back under the bumper when done using it. It’s unique side-angle movement provides access to the step whether the tailgate is up or down.




It features lightweight, high-strength die-cast aluminum construction along with a durable black anodized and Teflon powder coat finish and a load rating of up to 300 pounds. It uses a glass-reinforced nylon step pad coupled with a ribbed, skid resistant surface to provide a secure stepping platform.



The genuine Toyota BedStep is specifically designed for Tundra and Tacoma models so there is no need to drill. Installation is quick by bolting to existing bumper and frame mounting points. There may be other aftermarket steps available, but most require drilling or use the hitch receiver. Hitch receiver types cannot be used if you are towing or if the tailgate is down. Other models require you to push a button or release a latch to use the step.


Do you really need a genuine Toyota bed step? You know it would come in handy. If it was hands-free to use and remained out of sight until you needed it, well then guess we have to rate it pretty high on the need it scale. Step stool might still work, but this is way cooler. Great discount prices are available for this and other genuine Toyota parts and accessories in the on-line catalog at

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