Do You Need It? – Moonroof Wind Deflector

A moonroof allows you to enjoy the sunshine and open air experience. A negative to this experience is the wind turbulence, noise, and direct overhead sunlight caused by this unprotected opening.  Is there anything that might help this situation? Oh, never fear, a moonroof wind deflector is just the ticket for coping with these annoyances.


While a moonroof provides the pleasant open air feeling, it can also turn the passenger compartment into a wind tunnel complete with rushing air filled with questionable debris and a freight train level of noise that can make calm thought or conversation impossible. A moonroof wind deflector can direct much of this torrent of rushing air over the moonroof opening preventing the hair tangling and making quiet conversation possible.

The deflector mounts on the roof just ahead of the opening of the moonroof and its aerodynamic shape provides the magic. Not only can it help manage the wind and noise it is made of a smoke colored acrylic material that can be seen through but blocks the direct sun glare from getting to you.


The deflector can also make it possible to use your moonroof in rainy or cold weather. By partially opening the roof the covering of the deflector can keep out rain and prevent large amounts of cold air from coming in. You still get the fresh air venting but no wet hair.

Unlike universal aftermarket deflectors a genuine Nissan moonroof wind deflector is designed specifically for each year and model Nissan vehicle. Meaning it will fit perfectly and install easily.

Nissan_Armada _Moonroof

Do you really need a genuine Nissan moonroof wind deflector? Well, if you want to be able to enjoy the open air and not have your cheeks flap and hair tangle then you may need one. Beside the sleek aerodynamic shape can add a few cool looks points to your vehicle. Best place to get this and other genuine Nissan accessories at a great discount? – The on-line catalog at of course.

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