Who Knew? – Ionic First Generation Mazda Miata Revival

Hard not to love a car that is referred to as a roadster. Sometimes even harder to get original parts and keep it maintained. To help with this Mazda is going to be offering a factory restoration service for the NA MX-5 Miata. With over 400,000 sold in the US from 1989 to 1997, this little sports car still has a huge fan base.


Usually a service only offered by a manufacturer of very premium brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini, this program from Mazda plans to fully restore these cars to factory-spec using genuine OEM parts. A current drawback is these “classic centers” doing the restoration are only located in Japan.


If the program goes well, hopes are that there may be plans to offer this service in North America. Another great benefit of this program is that they plan to restart production of certain NA Miata parts. The original soft top, Bridgestone 185/60R-14 tires, Nardi wood steering wheel and shift knob are just a few of the items to be available.


There are no estimates to what the cost of the service will be and each car being restored will receive custom treatment, but for Mazda to offer this service shows how much commitment it has to Miata owners and the love for their cars.


Who Knew? Factory restored and certified first generation Miata roadsters, not in the US yet, but a chance at some genuine OEM parts for these maybe just around the corner. Best place for genuine Mazda parts and accessories right now – check out the on-line catalog at MazdaPartsPeople.com

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