Who Knew? – Good Neighbor Exhaust Sound Mode

Who doesn’t love the sound of a throaty V8 exhaust? That is just part of the joy of having a muscle car. Well, turns out that early morning departures and late night arrivals to your home may have your neighbors thinking poorly of your joy of this sound.

Surveys reveal that along with power tools, barking dogs, and band practice, loud engine noise is among the most annoying. Seems early morning lawn mowing wins, but that throaty exhaust sound is right up there on the annoying factor for some.


What to do to save face with your neighbors? Ford has introduced a solution on the 2018 Mustang. An industry first development called “Quiet Exhaust” Mode. Match that up with the new ”Quiet Start” and you have the ability to lower the exhaust sound by 10 decibels and be able to program what time of day it functions.


The active valve performance exhaust will allow you to choose between different sound levels- Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Track. The Quiet Start will let you schedule between what times you want to drop to the 72 decibel quiet mode. Say maybe 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. to keep the sound level about the same as a household dishwasher.


Who Knew? Ford is giving us options to be a “Good Neighbor”. They also just introduced “Line-Lock”, an electronically-controlled, burnout-enabling feature that engages only the front brakes to allow you to spin the rear tires while remaining stationary. Don’t think you can automatically schedule when you can use this feature so use your “Good Neighbor” judgement .  Another good judgement would be to check out the on-line catalog at FrontierFordUSA-FordParts.com for great pricing on genuine Ford parts and accessories.

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