Do You Need It? – Fog Light Kit

Do you really need fog lights? Well, fog lights are only needed or effective in uncommon driving conditions. They are designed to cut down on the glare that is reflected back at you in bad weather. When there are suspended particles in the air from fog, snow, or dust normal headlights and high beams can cause blinding glare resulting in very poor visibility.


Fog lights are typically located in or below the front bumper of your vehicle. They are angled down to illuminate the ground directly in front of your vehicle. The goal is to provide illumination that will not reflect back into your eyes. What actually achieves this is the pattern of light that the fog light lenses produces.


Your normal headlights and especially your high beams create a blanket of light over a large area at a high enough angle to see far down the roadway. Fog lights create a distinct bar of light that illuminates down and to the sides. Good fog lights will have a sharp cutoff line on top that allows little light to show over it, preventing reflective glare from any particles above that.

Some think of fog lights as needing to be yellow light. There is evidence that the shorter blue and violet wavelengths of light can create a glare effect when reflecting off fog, snow or rain. So yellow light does have the advantage of being less likely to cause glare, but filtering out the blue light lowers the total light output of the lamp. So it is common for fog lamps to use white lighting.


Genuine Nissan fog light kits are uniquely designed for each year and model. They are custom engineered to integrate into the Nissan wiring harness and come with all necessary switches and mounting hardware. Unlike an aftermarket kit the genuine Nissan fog light kit is made to perfectly fit the vehicle and comes with specific step-by-step instructions.


Do you really need fog lights? If you want to have the added comfort and safety provided by this lighting when driving conditions are bad you may need them. If you want to have additional lighting to see objects directly in front of your vehicle you may need them. If you just want to look cool with the extra lighting than you just plain need them. If you want a great discount price on these and other genuine Nissan parts and accessories you need the on-line catalog at


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