Do You Need It? – Interior Accent Lighting

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more control over your surroundings? To be able to adjust the ambiance and set the mood to match your every whim. You may be able to get a little of this feeling of empowerment by adding interior accent lighting to your Nissan vehicle.

There are a few different types of genuine Nissan accent lighting kits available based on the year and model you have. They can vary from the use of LED lighting that is white or red or blue or up to twenty different per-programmed color options controlled by a single switch. With the twenty colors you can chose any one of the colors or allow it to switch between colors every 3 seconds in demo mode.


With colors you can set your own mood. Some think of red as a color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. You may choose blue as the color of trust and peace. Maybe you are in a purple mood, the color of the imagination. The accent of your interior is under your control.


The accent lighting is located in the front foot wells and may also be in the door pockets or the cup holders in the console. Depending on the kit the intensity of the lighting, ability to turn it on and off separately and selection of the colors may be controlled by a single switch.

Genuine Nissan interior accent kits are designed specifically for each year and model Nissan vehicle and come complete with step by step installation instructions. Some other aftermarket lighting kits may not offer the custom fit or wiring to match correctly to your vehicle.

Do you need it? If you want to add some custom atmosphere and personalize your interior or if it is just for the smile factor, then you may need genuine Nissan interior accent lighting. Best place to get this and other genuine Nissan accessories at great prices –

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