Who Knew? – Volvo Cargo Nets, Specialized, Handy

Cargo nets, nothing special right? Just some stretchy cords to hold your luggage on the roof. Well maybe that is what you will find at the auto parts store around the corner, but Volvo has a whole variety of styles and colors that may have you thinking differently about how handy these nets can be.

Using elastic, mesh, and fabric there are designs to hold everything from maps to drink containers to a cargo area full of sporting equipment. Not a one size fits all, but made specifically for your model and year Volvo. There are nets to fit over the pockets in the cargo area, envelope-style nets to hold grocery bags, spider nets to hold cargo to the floor, nets for the glove box door and console tunnel for ease of access to items. The list goes on and on.

Let’s look at a few styles:


Like a seat belt for your cargo, these elastic cords with hook and eye attachments on the floor effectively secure sports equipment, groceries, small parcels and fragile items. Available in Grey, Beige and Oak for the XC90.

Wish you had quick access to a map?

Net Pocket (Under Glove Box)

This net storage pocket installs under the glove box on the passenger side. Its perfect for storing a CD wallet, a map or other small items. Net is elastic with a stable steel frame. Color-coordinated.

How about a way to make that side panel pocket useful?

Net Pocket Side Panel

A practical net pocket which makes it easy to store bottles and small packages along both side panels in the cargo area.

Or along the side wall.


An elasticized net pocket for easy storage and fastening of bottles, carrier bags, small packages or the like. Practical storage for e.g. packets, bottles or a dog leash. Elastic, making the pocket easy to load. Large net, giving many storage options. Can be used on both sides of the car.

How about a cargo net bag to hold the groceries and things?

Cargo Net Bag

Elastic net bag stretches across the tailgate opening and keeps groceries, gear and other items in place. Easy to unhook and remove when the rear of your wagon is needed for larger cargo.

Oh and don’t worry there is still a net for that luggage on the roof carrier.

Luggage Carrier

Who Knew – Volvo cargo nets, specialized and super handy.

Those who have tried them seem to think they can’t do without them any longer. Need a way to keep your cargo safe, organized, and easy to get to? You might want to look at volvocarspartspeople.com. The “Storage” category of our on-line catalog has Volvo cargo nets for all the years and models.


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