Do You Need It? – Body Side Moldings

Do you really need body side moldings? Most think of the strips that run from front to back over the doors as protectors. Some think of them as decoration. Many think of them as both. The weather-proof flexible moldings are capable of absorbing the force of another car door or similar object and preventing damage to paint and metal.

Parking lots are a notorious location for collecting chipped paint and dings from others opening doors into your doors. Also a great place for you or your child to discover a light post or other unmovable object within the opening swing of your own door.

Depending on the height or shape of what hits your door the moldings will not eliminate all dings, but they can prevent a majority of them. In addition to the protection from damage they can complement the looks of your vehicle.

The body side moldings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Genuine molding sets are also available in colors that match your factory paint. The moldings can help add some design lines across what is often just a large expanse of smooth painted metal.

Genuine molding sets do not require any drilling to install. They come with adhesive already applied. Some include a template for positioning. All come with installation instructions to show step by step how and where to place the moldings if you are interested in installing them yourself.

Do you really need body side moldings? If as you are hiking back across the parking lot to your distant “safe” parking space and you see a SUV full of excited children anxious to swing open their doors pull tightly alongside your vehicle, you ponder the need. Whether you think they add to the looks of your vehicle or if you think they are ugly, they do add a level of protection that may well be worth it.

See our on-line catalogs for genuine body side moldings for your vehicle.

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