Who Knew? – Hyper-Connected Intelligent Cars

Hyundai is going to be working with Cisco (worldwide leader in networks and security technology) to create a platform optimized for connected cars. The program will help enable two-way communication internally between the car’s system and externally with road infrastructure, other vehicles, internet devices and the cloud.

Hyundai’s goal is to have the safest and most advanced self-driving vehicles on the market and a big step to that is having extraordinary networking and security. Areas that Cisco will assist in include:

  • Monitoring traffic conditions, connectivity to infrastructure information, and communications with other vehicles to provide safety for fully autonomous driving.
  • Optimized route guidance based on real-time traffic information that would help reduce congestion and trip time.
  • Connecting to “Intelligent Remote Service” to monitor the car’s condition and identify and resolve issues remotely.
  • Supporting “Mobility Hub”, the heart of the hyper-connected car, that provides assistance and infinite amounts of knowledge to connect customers with every aspect of their daily lives.

The connected car platform will be designed to link cars to everything, including homes, offices, and city infrastructure.


Another good use of this connectivity is the Blue Link Agent for the Google Assistant. This allows the control of various functions of the Hyundai vehicle using simple voice commands. Google Home can be used to send directions of the nearest steak house to your vehicle. Among other functions you can use voice commands to remotely start and set the climate control of your vehicle to a certain temperature.


Taking this connectivity into the home could include using your car as part of your home. Hyundai Motor’s “Mobility Vision” includes designing Smart House technology to integrate mobility and living and working spaces into one space. Actually “docking” your vehicle onto your home to provide additional space, act as an air conditioner, share entertainment components with your home’s audio and visual devices, and even provide power to your home from it’s on-board fuel cell in emergency situations.

Who knew you could get this “hyper-connected” to your vehicle? Only the future will tell how far this connectivity with our vehicles will take us.

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