Do You Need It? – Auto-Dimming Mirror

If you’ve driven at night in a vehicle with a standard inside mirror you have probably experienced the distracting glare of bright lights from a vehicle behind you. If you have a manual anti-glare feature, fumbling for the lever on the mirror to divert the sometimes blinding light can be awkward.

Great way to remove that unsafe distraction is to install an auto-dimming mirror. It will allow you to concentrate on the road while it automatically dims the light you see in the mirror. When the bright light is gone it returns to normal so you can still see detail in the view behind you. The brighter the light behind you the more the mirror dims.

The magic of the mirror is pretty simple. There are two photo sensors, one facing forward to measure the ambient light and one facing backward to sense the level of light coming from the rear. The mirror has layers with electrolytes between the mirror surface and the glass front of the mirror. The electrolytes have uniform crystals and when a small voltage is applied they arrange to a specific angle. Changes in the voltage create different angles and different amounts of dimming of the light that can be reflected back to the driver.


What could be simpler? The brighter the glare the darker the mirror becomes – automatically. But wait there’s more. Depending on the type of mirror you select you can get a digital compass in the mirror. The compass displays the direction you are going in a small window on the mirror. You can also get a mirror with HomeLink Universal Transceiver as part of the mirror. The HomeLink can be programmed to devices in your home to open garage doors or security gates and turn on house lights.


The advantage we have with genuine Nissan auto-dimming mirrors is that they are made specifically for your year and model. Unlike a universal mirror that is made to fit a lot of different vehicles, sort of, genuine mirrors come with the proper hardware and directions to attach properly to your vehicle’s wiring harness and factory mounting points.

Do You Need It? If you want the convenience and safety of automatically avoiding distracting glare from behind and added goodies like a compass or HomeLink then this may be a need item.

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