Who Knew? – Eco-friendly Land Speed Record

Who knew you could mix sugar cane, volcanic ash, and nitrous oxide into a hybrid car and get a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats? Hyundai did with their new Ioniq model. The Ioniq will be the first car in the world to be offered in three electrified versions. Hybrid, Electric, and Plug-in Hybrid.

With sugar cane making up 25% of the raw materials used in the door panels and using recycled plastics with powdered wood and volcanic stone to reduce the weight of some of the interior plastics up to 20% the use of eco-friendly materials is involved in the innovation.


While Hyundai Motor America was testing the Ioniq they were so impressed with the results they thought they should raise the bar on the testing and pursue the new production-based hybrid land speed record.

Hyundai Motor America’s Engineering and Quality team, performed some tweaking to the prototype that included:

Ioniq Land Speed Record Car

  • Low-restriction intake and exhaust system
  • Engine, transmission, and hybrid ECU recalibrated and governors removed
  • Nitrous Express single-stage direct-port nitrous injection
  • Removal of air conditioning, accessories, and interior components
  • Underbody and air dam aerodynamic modifications
  • Lightweight aero wheels and wheel covers with Goodyear Eagle tires
  • Competition suspension updates and 100mm of lowering
  • Safety cage and harness upgrades
  • Add some fire suppression and a parachute and you are ready to go


Ioniq Land Speed Record Car

With these minor updates in place this Ionic went on to set an FIA-approved land speed record of 157.825 mph. Who says you can’t be eco-friendly and also go fast.

Who Knew? – New Hybrid Speed Record – Hyundai

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