Who Knew? – First Audi on the Moon

Audi lunar Quattro is preparing for a mission to the Moon. Since 2015 Audi has been working with a team led by Robert Bohme, founder and CEO of Part-Time Scientists, on developing the rover.

The lunar Quattro rover is featured in the recent sci-fi film “Alien: Covenant”. The film part is just a stepping stone towards it’s actual mission to explore the “eighth continent”. With Audi’s support, the Berlin start-up Part-Time Scientists has the goal to be the first private company to achieve a mission to the Moon.


Audi’s focus of the collaboration is on offering all-wheel drive expertise (quattro technology), expertise in lightweight construction, experience in developing vehicles with electric and plug-in hybrid motors (e-tron), and with design optimization for the development of the rover.

The developers have managed to reduce the weight of the exploration vehicle to just 66 pounds. The Audi lunar quattro is 85 percent aluminum, produced by the 3D metal printer at Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt. A pivoting solar panel supplies the rover with energy to power the intelligent quattro drive technology and the efficient e-tron motor.


The rover is jam-packed with the latest Audi technologies perfected by the Audi design team for the harsh conditions of the Moon. A true test of automotive engineering technology bound for an out of this world adventure.

Audi in space – Who Knew?

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