Do You Need It? – Universal Tablet Holder

How handy would it be for passengers in the back seat to have a safe convenient holder for their multimedia devices? That is going to determine if you really need this item. If your goal is to help keep passengers in the rear seats entertained then this may help.


There are many styles of holders on the market. Some require extensive effort to mount, some have arms that crowd the cabin space, and other “sort of” attach with weak clips and brackets. What you want to look for is a secure holder that attaches easily and is safely positioned.

The Toyota universal tablet holder attaches and removes in seconds with no tools required. Initial installation is achieved by lifting the front seat headrest off and placing the holder base on top of the seat back. Then reinstall the headrest sliding the pins through the holes in the holder base. The holder has an arm that is inserted into the base to secure it. The base remains attached to the seat and the holder can be removed with the push of a button.

toyota holder basetoyota holder

The Toyota universal tablet holder is adjustable to hold virtually all multimedia devices. It can securely hold a tablet, phone, and music or video player. It safely holds devices out of the way, but has an adjustable pivot and tilt to allow the best viewing angle. When not holding a device the base has two extendable arms with hooks to hold bags.

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