Do You Need It? – Splash Guard Set

Do you really need splash guards? Whether you call them splash guards or mud flaps, there are lots of factors to consider. If the goal is to add protection to your vehicle, they can help prevent dirt and rocks from damaging your paint and fenders. If the goal is to minimize the debris that your vehicle throws up at the vehicle behind you, they can also do that. If the goal is to make your vehicle look a little more custom, they may even be able to do that.

Depending on your vehicle there may be a lot of splash guard styles to choose from. Genuine guards from the manufacturer may be the best choice because there are designed specifically for each year and model vehicle. Guards from the aftermarket may not offer the best fit for your vehicle. Most of the genuine guard sets can be installed without having to drill holes to mount them. They are designed to match up to preexisting holes on your vehicle.

Splash guards are available in a variety of materials. Some are a flexible rubber type compound. Some are rigid metal. Some are semi-rigid molded plastic. All are designed to offer added protection from water spray, mud, and rocks. Without guards these projectiles can cause dents and chip away paint that can lead to potential rust problems.

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