Who Knew? – Newest Car Brand Revealed – Polestar

Polestar, the Volvo Car Group’s performance brand, announced its future as a new standalone electric performance car brand. Polestar currently builds the S60 and V60 Polestar, performance road cars with over 250 developments over-and-above the standard Volvo products. It also offers Polestar Engineered performance hardware upgrades and engine software optimizations for existing Volvo products.


In a joint venture with Volvo’s parent company Geely, Polestar is unveiling the 600hp Polestar 1. The Polestar 1 is a two-door, 2+2 seat Grand Tourer Coupe with an ‘Electric Performance Hybrid’ drivetrain. It is an electric car supported by an internal combustion engine. At 93 miles on pure electric power alone, it has the longest full electric range of any hybrid car on the market.

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