Wheel Locks: Lost wheel lock key – How to remove a wheel lock if you do not have the key.


Wheel locks use many different keys. There is not a “single” master key that will fit all locks. If you purchase a new set of locks the key that comes with it will probably not fit your old locks.

Wheel lock sets come with a lock code from the lock manufacturer. With that code you can order a replacement key. Most will also allow you to register your locks with them so they can supply you a replacement if you lose it.

If you are not able to find the code and you are still able to drive your vehicle you can go to your local new car dealer. If it is a factory style lock set they have a “master” key set and may be able to remove your locks. You can then either purchase a new set of locks with a new key or get the code to order a replacement key.

Going to a repair shop to have them removed can be expensive. Depending on the type of locks on your vehicle there are tools available to help remove them.

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