Do You Need It? – Auto-Dimming Mirror

If you’ve driven at night in a vehicle with a standard inside mirror you have probably experienced the distracting glare of bright lights from a vehicle behind you. If you have a manual anti-glare feature, fumbling for the lever on the mirror to divert the sometimes blinding light can be awkward.

Great way to remove that unsafe distraction is to install an auto-dimming mirror. It will allow you to concentrate on the road while it automatically dims the light you see in the mirror. When the bright light is gone it returns to normal so you can still see detail in the view behind you. The brighter the light behind you the more the mirror dims.

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Who Knew? – NASA Technology Guiding Driverless Earth Vehicles

Nissan autonomous vehicle technology is getting a boost from out of this world. The same type of software and artificial intelligence used for missions on Mars are being put to the test in Nissan vehicles here on earth.

Dr. Maarten Sierhuis, head of Nissan Research Center in Silicon Valley is applying his years of experience with NASA to lead multiple teams of researchers working on autonomous and connected vehicles. Building intelligent robots to work on Mars is similar to building a robot of Earth that drives 80 miles an hour very close to other robots.

Trick is building a vehicle system that not only knows what to do itself, but also its relationship with others on the road. Understanding how to deal with pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and animals play an important role in Nissan’s quest for zero fatalities and zero emissions.

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