Genuine Auto Accessories Installation Instructions: Can I install that myself?

With decades of experience as a Parts Manager at new car dealerships I could not begin to count how many times I have been asked by a customer “Can I install that myself?”. It is such an open question it is hard to answer.

Unlike many aftermarket accessories, genuine auto accessories are designed by the manufacturer to precise and exacting specifications to easily fit the specific year and model of the vehicle it was made for. Many aftermarket accessories are made to apply to as many different models as they can for a broader range of coverage.

That often means many non-genuine accessories “kind of” fit a lot of models. So with genuine accessories you do have the advantage of the product being easier to install because it was usually made specifically for that vehicle.

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Who Knew? – New Model Car Design and Clay

In a time of sophisticated digital technology and 3D modeling what part could a few tons of clay play in the design of new car models?

Surprisingly, clay plays a big part. For over 80 years the automotive industry has used full size clay models to preview the design of a new vehicle.

Talented clay modelers continue to play a key role in new model design. For 25 years computer aided design and automated milling machines have threatened to remove this very human artistic element from the process.


With goals of lowering design costs and cutting the time from conception to final production there has been a push toward total digital design. But, when it comes to final model choices they seem to always come back to clay.

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Big New Additions Coming to Volkswagen

There are big new additions coming to Volkswagen, including an all new midsize SUV and a major expansion project at their Chattanooga manufacturing facility.

The plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee began production in 2011. For the last several years they’ve been building the all-new Passat sedan, which they’ll continue to produce while also making room for the newest member of the Volkswagen family.

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The 2015 Super Bowl Car Ads

Whether your 2015 Super Bowl party ended in tears of joy or defeat, one thing most of us can agree on is that we love the ads.

Despite reports that many car makers were going to sit out this game, Super Bowl XLIX still gave us a generous assortment of automotive ads to enjoy and new model previews to savor.

We rounded up this year’s Super Bowl car ads in case you missed any or just want to see your favorites again.

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Detroit Auto Show: Upcoming Ford Models

The 2015 North American International Auto Show has come to an end, leaving us with a delicious selection of new models to dream about. No matter what your taste, there’s something for everyone.

Ford’s introductions alone range from the super sleek and sporty new Ford GT and GT350 Mustang to the hard working and practical new F-150 Raptor. It’s too hard to pick a favorite, so let’s take a look at all three.

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