Who Knew? Audi Vehicles Talking To Traffic Lights

Audi continues to roll out its vehicle-to-infrastructure technology activating components of its Traffic Light Information package in the Washington DC area. This becomes the seventh city in the US that Audi has brought online that supports traffic signals for more than 1,600 intersections.

The current system allows the drivers of select Audi models in these areas access to “time to green” technology. Displayed on both the instrument cluster and the heads-up display, a countdown clock provides real-time remaining until the traffic lights turn green.

A subscription to Audi Connect Prime allows the vehicle to wirelessly receive real-time signal information from city-wide traffic management systems. No need to wait for the honk from anxious drivers behind you that the light is green as you would be aware ahead of time of when the light is going to turn green.

This is just the first step in the use of the connectivity to traffic data from Central Traffic Control systems. Future applications will send and receive traffic data to tell a vehicle when a light will turn red. A benefit to fuel economy by allowing a driver to let off the gas pedal if they know the upcoming light will be red or releasing the brakes if they know an upcoming light will soon be green.

Audi traffic light information system
Future information sent from vehicles could be used to identify bottleneck and congested areas and traffic lights could be adjusted to improve the flow. Data from the traffic management systems could be used by the vehicle’s navigation system to plot better routes through traffic or determine the best speed to make the most green lights.
Who Knew? Audi vehicles are now talking to traffic lights. It is estimated that one in three new vehicles in the US will be delivered with connected capabilities by 2020. For now “time to green” is here with other enhancements soon on the way. Know what else is here now? Genuine Audi accessories and parts. Visit the online Audi accessories catalog at AudiPartsPeople.com for low prices, secure online shopping, and fast affordable shipping from an authorized Audi dealer.

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