Do You Need It? – Rear Bumper Protector

Want to keep the top surface of the painted rear bumper free from damage and preserve the vehicle’s “like new” appearance? Then you may need a genuine Toyota rear bumper protector.

Loading and unloading groceries, luggage or any type of cargo can wreak havoc on a painted rear bumper, often leaving it scratched or scraped. Protecting your vehicle can be easily achieved using a genuine Toyota rear bumper protector. They are available in several materials depending on your model of vehicle.

The injection-molded black plastic version features a raised pattern and skid-resistant surface that offers protection to the bumper surface while also adding some custom good looks.


The clear polyurethane version also helps minimize damage while providing a nearly invisible, seamless look. Some of the clear versions have logos, protection with a bit of added class.

Rear Bumper Appliqu

These are even some versions that use stainless steel in the materials to offer the additional protection.


The protectors are uniquely designed to properly fit the intricate, curved surfaces of each specific Toyota vehicle’s rear bumper.

The black molded plastic protectors feature a tough, scratch-resistant surface designed to ensure a precise fit and proper clearance for trunk lid or lift-gate. Some of the models include a vehicle specific logo molded into the protector to add a custom look.

Rear Bumper Protector, Black

The clear genuine Toyota rear bumper protector features a thick clear polyurethane film that is transparent to provide a clear view of the painted surface of the vehicle’s rear bumper beneath. Pre-cut to match the exact contours of each specific Toyota vehicle, this style of protector is nearly invisible from distances beyond a few feet. For an added touch of personalization some models include a screen printed Toyota emblem or vehicle logo in translucent pearl ink.


Unlike many aftermarket protectors that have a universal fit and may require cutting, genuine Toyota rear bumper protectors are designed specifically for each model.  They are pre-formed and pre-cut to be easily aligned to the curved surfaces of each vehicle, providing the factory fit and finish only available from Toyota. They are easily installed using the already attached special tape or pressure-sensitive adhesive.

As a bonus they are also covered by a warranty from Toyota valid at any Toyota dealer nationwide.

So do you really need a genuine Toyota rear bumper protector? If you want to protect the painted surface of your bumper and add a bit of custom class then you bet you need it. Already have some scratches on your bumper? You may even be able to hide them with your new protector. Best place to get your protector? Same place that you can get all the genuine Toyota accessories you need for your vehicle –

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