Who Knew? General Motors Ready to Go with No Steering Wheel

General Motors is asking the Department of Transportation for permission to put their self-driving vehicles on the road in 2019. The first Production-Ready autonomous electric cars with no steering wheels or pedals have been named Cruise AV.


GM and Cruise Automation are combining over 100 years of automotive engineering experience with state-of-the-art software and hardware to create a Motor City/Silicon Valley matchup that can safely make driverless vehicles a reality.

The vision –

  • A world with no car crashes. With human driver error being primarily responsible for 94 percent of crashes, self-driving vehicles aim to drastically reduce injuries and fatalities by eliminating that driver error.
  • A cleaner environment from reduced vehicle emissions by using electric only self-driving vehicles.
  • A crowded city not filled with congested roads and parking lots. Nearly one out of three cars on city streets at any given time are simply looking for parking. Fleets of self-driving vehicles in ride share services would create better use of time and space.
  • Peace of mind knowing that whatever your age or physical capabilities you have the freedom to go wherever you want to go. Self-driving vehicles will improve access to mobility for those who currently cannot drive due to age, disability, or otherwise.

Designed and built at the Orion plant in Michigan from the ground up specifically as a self-driving vehicle the Cruise AV is the result of intensely focused development. The vehicle has five LiDARs (laser sensors), 16 cameras and 21 radars that detect and classify objects, determine their location and provide their speed and direction. The onboard computer combines the sensor data with high-definition map data to build a three-dimensional model to determine free, drivable space around the vehicle.


Who knew? – With countless hours of real-time drive testing in California and Michigan GM hopes to get approval to officially put the self-driving vehicles on the road and bring the vision of a world of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion closer to realization. Motor City experience and Silicon Valley state-of-the-art making a great team. Another great combination is genuine Cadillac accessories and CadillacPartsPeople.com. Checkout the updated Cadillac online accessories catalog for low prices and fast delivery.

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