Do You Need It? – Roof Rack Base Carrier

Who needs a roof rack? Well, almost everyone has had a time where they just wished there was a little more room inside their vehicle. Whether it was heading to the beach, the ski slope, base camp, or grandma’s house, using a roof rack can be a welcome addition to free up some space for additional leg room or transporting oversize loads.



A genuine Mitsubishi roof rack base carrier gives you the ability to attach various carriers to your roof. A roof box or ski or bike carrier can free up interior space, but they require a roof rack to attach to. Some vehicles come from the factory with a full roof rack.

Some have raised side rails that go from front to back.



Some have flush side rails that go from front to back.


These just need cross bars that attach to them and go from side to side to complete the rack.



Other vehicles come with fixed mounting points built into the roof, usually hidden by a trim molding, where a base carrier can be attached.




Aftermarket carriers are made to fit many different models and finding one that fits your vehicle can be confusing. First finding bars that come close to fitting and then searching for adapter brackets that will attach to your vehicle can make it a challenge. A genuine Mitsubishi base carrier is designed specifically for your year and model vehicle so you won’t have to worry if it will damage your roof or fly off while you are cruising down the road.


Do you need a roof rack base carrier? Well if you want to use roof carriers to provide needed interior space and you want a solid base to safely attach to your vehicle’s roof, then you need a genuine Mitsubishi roof rack base carrier. To get the proper carrier at a great discounted price you just need to use the online accessory catalog at

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