Do You Need It? – Front Skid Plate

If you wondering whether you need something to protect against costly damage to your vehicle’s engine and transmission, a front skid plate might just be the ticket. Whether you are planning on off-roading or just want to be prepared for surprises in the roadway. They are designed to help protect the underbody of your vehicle from damage from flying stones, branches, ice chunks or other types of road debris.


Genuine Toyota front skid plates are constructed from a single piece of heavy duty stamped and formed silver powder coated aluminum. This material provides a uniform, durable, and high-quality finish. Rigorous CAD simulations conducted by Toyota engineers, in addition to real world testing, help to maximize protection and prevent vibration stress and noise issues. Each plate is made specifically for the year and model vehicle, so it won`t interfere with or block the cooling system, while providing cut outs for easy access to all maintenance points and vehicle tow hooks.



Not only are genuine Toyota skid plates made using durable construction they add to each vehicle’s rugged good looks. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with, and match the patterns and contours of each specific vehicle. Plus, all the attaching hardware and brackets have been carefully engineered to ensure the skid plate fits right and has a clean, tight appearance in relation to body panels. Easy, no-drill installation uses vehicle’s existing attachment mounts.

Aftermarket skid plates are often made to fit many different models and often do not provide a nice looking fit. They can also require modifications and drilling to mount and may interfere with access to filters and tow points.


Do you really need a genuine front skid plate? Most of us may not intentionally take our nice looking vehicle off-roading, but you want the ability to be able to if needed. If that 100 year storm makes the road impassable to most, you want to be confident you are prepared to handle it. A genuine front skid plate not only helps with protecting from damage, but it adds that custom rugged look that just helps with the cool factor. Protection, easy installation, good looks, how could you not need one. Where to get one? Same place as the rest of your genuine Toyota parts and accessories needs, the online catalog at

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