Who Knew? – Nissan Expanding NISMO Products

Nissan Motorsport International Limited “NISMO” is the in-house tuning, motorsports and performance division of Nissan. NISMO cars business department is part of Autech Japan, a Nissan group company that makes performance converted vehicles. Combining talent from Nissan, Autech, NISMO, and other companies a new unit will spearhead the development of an expanded line of vehicles and performance products.

There are currently seven models of NISMO vehicles being offered. The US is receiving four of these modified models:


  • Sentra NISMO is the latest in a long line of compact Nissan performance sedans going back nearly 50 years to offer motorsports-inspired NISMO factory-tuned performance.


  • GT-R NISMO’s unique front end features a enlarged grille to allow additional cool air intake and carbon fiber construction to reinforce the aerodynamic design.


  • JUKE NISMO RS comes complete from the factory with more horsepower and more attitude. This NISMO JUKE includes unique engine, suspension, steering and brake tuning enhancements.


  • 370Z NISMO, the heart and soul of Nissan performance for both the track and on the street. Providing race-proven engineering that is attainable.

This new development and marketing unit plans to double the number of NISMO models available. Current annual sales of NISMO road cars is about 15,000 vehicles. To reach their goal of 100,000 vehicles there will be NISMO vehicle showings at Nissan dealerships, fan based events, and the global roll out of the NISMO driving academy.


NISMO designs and manufactures a range of aftermarket performance parts for Nissan cars including aerodynamics parts such as spoilers and diffusers, alloy wheels, engine and suspension parts. Part of the new expansion will be the Heritage Parts Program. There will be special restoration support for heritage Nissan performance models. A parts reproduction and supply program will soon offer performance parts that are currently not available.


Who Knew? – in a time where many are searching for economy and high mileage, it is estimated that 10% of the vehicle market is still thirsting for high performance. Nissan is addressing that need with additional NISMO vehicles and performance parts. Need a great source for genuine Nissan parts and accessories at discounted prices. You have got to try the on-line catalog at NissanPartsPeople.com

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