Who Knew? – Mazda Engine Cuts Fuel Use by a Third

Mazda will soon introduce a new engine that uses technology that will increase fuel economy by 30 percent. The technology called homogeneous charge compression ignition has been studied by many manufacturers, but Mazda will be the first to overcome the quirks and put it into production.



The SkyActiv-G direct injection gasoline engine uses compression ignition to boast efficiency combining the advantages of gasoline and diesel technologies. Most production gas engines have a compression ratio of 10:1 to 12:1. This engine has an exceptionally high 14:1 ratio, allowing it to squeeze more energy from every drop of fuel.



To overcome the problems caused by using such high compression ratios Mazda has employed some proprietary solutions including “spark controlled compression ignition” allowing it to seamlessly change from compression ignition to spark ignition when needed to control combustion. Harmful pre-ignition “engine knock” is overcome with an army of unique technology ranging from cooler intake temperatures, shorter combustion duration, piston cavity design, multi-hole fuel injectors, and unique exhaust design to isolate and cool exhaust gases.



This engine is part of the SkyActiv technology vision to provide more performance and more efficiency to their future fleet of vehicles. This will include advancements in a lighter more responsive transmission, using a combination of steel for rigidity and aluminum for weight reduction for the chassis and refinement to the aerodynamic body style. Engine, transmission, chassis, and body enhancements are all part of the SkyActiv package.


Who Knew? – Mazda is introducing lots of first of its kind technology to overcome challenges and offer improved performance and efficiency. Speaking of improved performance you need to check out the on-line catalog of our new Mazda dealer at MazdaPartsPeople.com. Great discounts on genuine Mazda parts and accessories.

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