Who Knew? – Volvo Offers Eye Protection

For the upcoming solar eclipse NASA warns that except during the brief total phase of the solar eclipse that the only safe way to view the event is through a special-purpose solar filter. Volvo being passionate about safety has produced a custom eclipse viewer for XC60.


The viewer is essentially a large shade made of ISO-certified 12312-2 material that clips onto the panoramic moonroof and allows occupants to view the eclipse without risk to their eyes, effectively turning the XC60 into a tiny observatory.


The viewer has magnets along the frame that allow it to stay on the roof, so all of the occupants can watch the eclipse from inside the comfort of the vehicle.


Bob Jacobs, VP Marketing, Product and Brand Communications says, “The development of the XC60 Panoramic Moonroof Eclipse Viewer gives those in the eclipse’s path a unique way to experience this historic event in both comfort and safety”.

Who Knew? – Leave it to Volvo to be looking out for our safety, even for the brief duration of the event. But do not worry the eclipse viewer is reusable, you will be needing it again October 14, 2023. If you need any other genuine Volvo parts and accessories you should check out the on-line catalog at VolvoCarsPartsPeople.com

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