Do You Need It? – Door Scuff Plates

Door scuff plates or maybe call them door sill plates or call them the only thing between the delicate painted, trimmed, or carpeted areas of the entry way to your vehicle and muddy shoes.

First thing you or your passengers will see when getting into your vehicle is the door sill area. It will make a first impression. Will it be a good one or will it be a scuffed, rusted looking one? With constant wear from shuffling feet getting in and out this area can take a beating. To keep the paint from chipping and the trim and carpet from fraying it may be best to add some additional protection with some genuine Mitsubishi door scuff plates.

These plates not only provide addition protection from the abuse of guests and children stepping in and out of your vehicle, but they can add an additional level of style and custom look. There are some aftermarket companies that provide door scuff plates, but they are often designed to fit a lot of different cars and may not be designed specifically for your year and model.


Genuine Mitsubishi door scuff plates are made to fit perfectly with no cutting or trimming to mount the plates. The Mitsubishi plates have unique design and logo for your vehicle and offer not just protection but also the looking good factor.

If you want to take it up even another step in cool factor, some of the models have scuff plates that are illuminated. They have a section of the plate that lights up when the door is opened adding an extra custom look and lasting first impression.

mitsubishi_Scuff plate illuminated

Do you need genuine door scuff plates? If you want some additional protection to a high traffic area and pull off that first impression of pretty cool looking, then this may be the way to go. Best way to go to find these and many other genuine Mitsubishi accessories –try the on-line catalog at

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