Who Knew? – Eyes in Back of Your Head Exists

Remember how Mom and some teachers had the ability to know what was going on all around them even when it didn’t seem like they were looking? Nissan has developed a group of monitoring technologies that together has Mom-like abilities to monitor, respond, and protect occupants of some of their new vehicles.

They call it Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies suite, and it offers far more than just a color picture on an in-dash screen.


  • Around View Monitor – This monitor consists of four wide-angle cameras mounted on the front, each side mirror, and the rear. It creates a virtual overhead view of the area around your vehicle. Depending on whether you are in drive or shift to reverse, it gives you a forward or rear view along with a split-screen overhead view. By pressing the camera button, you can also get a side view. Colored lines appear to help guide and gauge the distance between your car and another object.


  • Rear View Monitor – When you shift into reverse, your monitor displays a picture of the area directly behind you, and color lines show the approximate distance between an object and the rear bumper. If you see two green lines an object is about ten feet away, one green line seven feet away, a yellow line about three feet away, and a red line about one and half feet away.


  • Moving Object Detection – This feature adds the ability to get audio and visual alerts about moving objects that come into view of the cameras.


  • Blind Spot Warning – Using a rear-view monitor or rear/side facing radars, the system recognizes when another vehicle is traveling diagonally behind the driver’s car. The presence of the approaching vehicle is signaled using warning lights or audible alerts.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

  • Predictive Forward Collision Warning – Using radar, the system can alert you to potential risks up ahead by not only monitoring the speed and distance of the vehicle in front of you but of the vehicle in front of that one as well.

Who Knew? – Surrounded by all this technology, it would be hard for anyone to get away with anything without being detected by some monitor. And you thought only Moms could do that. Much of this technology comes standard, and the rest can be added to the new model line-up.  If you need a supplier for these items and other genuine Nissan accessories at great discount prices, try the on-line catalog at NissanPartsPeople.com.

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