Do You Need It? – Child Booster Cushion/Backrest

What can you get a child that is four to ten years old and weighs between 33 and 80 pounds? A pony? No silly, a super safe car seat from Volvo.

Volvo Cars was the first car maker to actively test car seats since the 1960s. They continue to be a leader in the development, testing, and correct usage of infant, child, and booster seats. While the infant and child seats are designed to be used as rearward facing, the booster seat is for forward facing children.

Teaching adults to install and operate a child seat is one thing, but getting a child to stay in the seat can be a whole different story. That is why this new generation of booster cushion and backrest are more breathable and comfortable. Besides at four years old it is important to be in style and a good looking booster is way cooler than a traditional child seat.

The Volvo booster cushion with backrest ensures the safety belt always sits correctly to provide the correct contact with the child`s body. The booster cushion and backrest features luxurious charcoal-colored upholstery. The backrest can be adjusted to two different angles to give your child a more comfortable rest/sleep position and features five different height settings.


The booster adjusts to allow proper fit as they grow and with the cushion the child is higher up providing a better view. Keeping children safe fits right into Volvo’s Vision 2020 goal, where no one will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo car by the year 2020.

Do you need it? – If you have a child that thinks they have out-grown their child seat, this may be just the ticket to keeping them in a safe place. Comfortable, better view, and a bit of cool factor, if you are four to ten years old you might just think you need it. If you have a child fitting these criteria you too may decide you do need it.

Want a great source for this and other genuine Volvo accessories at discount prices? – try in the “Kid Safety and Comfort” section of our on-line catalog.


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