Who Knew? – Volvo Auto Steering to Safety Goal

The new XC60 has a few new features to help it achieve Volvo’s goal of no one seriously injured or killed in a Volvo by 2020. The safety features are designed to provide the driver with automatic steering assistance to help avoid potential collisions.

Volvo has been working with collision avoidance systems for years and is proud of achieving a 45% decline in rear-end front collisions in Sweden thanks to their collision warning with autobrake system. They hope to achieve even better results with the introduction of auto-steering features.

There are three new features. At speeds between 31-62 mph City Safe engages when automatic braking alone would not help avoid a collision. It will provide steering assistance to avoid collision with vehicles, pedestrians, and large animals.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation can tell when the driver has veered into an oncoming lane or detects an oncoming vehicle and takes action to steer back into its lane or out of harm’s way.


Blind Spot Information System alerts a lane changing driver if a vehicle is in their blind spot and can steer the vehicle back into its own lane to avoid a collision.


Totally self-driving vehicles are still a ways off, but Volvo is introducing some of the features of autonomous vehicles to assist in collision avoidance. Volvo is hedging it’s bets on the 2020 safety goal by automating us to be better drivers.

Who Knew? – Volvo vehicles automatically keeping us safer.

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