Who Knew? – Cadillac’s Talking to Each Other

Some new Cadillac models are the first in the world to contain Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication. The vehicles are able to communicate with other (V2V) equipped vehicles to share information to alert drivers of upcoming potential hazards.

This technology allows the vehicle to get and analyze information that is beyond the driver’s field of vision. Kind of like the ability to see through traffic and around corners. It shares vehicles’ locations, speeds, directions and traffic conditions.



Cadillac uses Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) and GPS and can handle 1,000 messages per second from vehicles up to nearly 1,000 feet away. If multiple vehicles are within range it can create a network of information to alert the driver of upcoming situations giving additional time to react.


Common alerts that could be displayed on the dash cluster include hard braking from another vehicle, slippery conditions from another vehicle with StabiliTrak traction control or anti-lock brake systems, and disabled vehicles.



In addition to Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Cadillac has successfully tested Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication. By receiving real-time data from traffic controllers vehicles are able to alert a driver that at the current speed a traffic light will turn red before entering an intersection. This advance warning can help avoid abrupt braking or unsafe acceleration through a busy intersection.

Who Knew? – Cadillac’s talking to each other and traffic lights.

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