Wheel Locks: are they worth it?

How well protected are my wheels using wheel locks? Wheel locks are a good deterrent for would-be thieves. They are not impossible to remove without the key, but very difficult.

Given enough time and privacy wheel locks can be defeated. Brute force with chisels, oversize sockets, cutting torch, and master keys can eventually overcome locks. But if your neighbor or parking lot partner has similar wheels with no locks then chances are good a thief will not spend the time to go after your protected wheels.

When taking scuba diving classes many years ago the question of if you should have a dive knife when you are in an area with sharks was asked. The instructors answer was yes. He went on to explain, if you were to be chased by a shark you could use it to stab your dive partner to allow you to get away. Thieves and threats will go for the easy prey. If you make your wheels harder to steal they will usually go elsewhere for an easier target.

Wheel locks are like door locks. Most thieves can easily open a locked car door. Given the choice of getting into a locked car or one that is not locked is like having or not having wheel locks.

If it gives you peace of mind to have a set on your vehicle, then you may feel even more secure if you get multiple sets of wheel locks. You can put several locks on each wheel for added protection.

What to do if you lose your key? Stayed tuned for the next article and we will let you know some options of how to remove wheel locks without the key.

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