Toyota Camry Named the Most American-Made Car

Every year rates vehicles according to their American-Made Index. The index looks at what percentage of the parts are domestic, where the car is assembled, and US sales.

This year’s winner is the Toyota Camry followed by the Toyota Sienna.

Toyota North America CEO, Jim Lentz, responded that “We are strengthening our commitments to American manufacturing so we can better satisfy the needs of our customers for decades to come.”

2015_TMMK_003_499E3AF334701A5AED7915848A3886F0157B6A87_lowThis is the fifth time the Camry has been ranked number one. The Camry has also been America’s best-selling car for thirteen consecutive years. During that time it has come out of Georgetown, Kentucky along with the Camry Hybrid, Avalon, and Avalon Hybrid.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. is Toyota’s largest North American manufacturing facility. The plant, which also builds engines, currently employs 7,500 workers.

The Kentucky facility built its ten millionth vehicle in 2014 and will soon be building even more with the addition of the Lexus ES. The Lexus ES will be the first Lexus to be manufactured in America and will bring with it 750 new jobs.

The Toyota Sienna is assembled in Princeton, Indiana. That facility employs 5,000 workers who also make the Sequoia, Highlander, and Highlander Hybrid. With plans to boost the Highlander’s production by 30,000 cars per year, it’s estimated that another 300 jobs will be filled at Toyota’s Indiana facility by next summer.

Toyota has eight other manufacturing facilities in America, and along with manufacturing, the majority of the design and engineering for both the Camry and Sienna were done in the US.

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